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We all have different taste but what we cannot argue with is the quality of taste. This is also the case for aromas and the way you use the clean smoke generator from Easy-Smoke. Our passion is to satisfy your wishes and to make sure you are able to give your products the exact taste you want. The right aroma is therefore important.

Aroma options

There are basically two options when it comes to aroma: you can choose to develop your own aroma or select an existing aroma. We are well experienced with both options. Easy-Smoke loves to offer you extensive advice as it is our passion to create the right aroma for you.

Perception and sustainability

Perception plays an important part in the production and sale of food. The right form, colour and smell determines a successful sale, especially with meat, fish and cheese products. With passion and competence, we assist you in process improvement, flavour optimization and the development of new products. Sustainability and ecological friendliness play a big part in this. Consumers are looking for sustainable products and processes more and more and clean smoke is a huge step in the right direction compared to traditional smoke generators. Combining this with the right aroma is a perception you can share.


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At Easy-Smoke we do everything we can to provide you with high-quality machines at a good price that do what we promise. Clean smoke machines are durable and designed to prevent high maintenance costs. If you choose an Easy-Smoke machine, you embrace a world of clean smoke options View all our experts >>

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