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What does Easy-Smoke do? 

Easy-Smoke wants to unburden its customers. For this reason, we do not only offer smoke generators for your clean smoke processes but will unburden you with the installation and coaching. We also distinguish ourselves by our competitors because of our fast delivery, our guidance and flexibility in service and solutions. If you choose Easy-Smoke you will be and stay satisfied. There is no better testimony for our products and services than our happy customers.

New installation or adjustments to current installation

The possibilities of clean smoke are immense. But you will experience a clear overview of Easy-Smoke products. If you choose a new clean smoke generator, we will install it with our years of experience and knowledge. You can also choose to adjust your traditional smoking system into working with the advantages of clean smoke.

The clean smoke process

The clean smoke process is a huge step in the right direction compared to traditional smoke technologies. Clean smoke will give you a healthier working environment, improved food safety, a safer workplace and a shorter payback period.

If you choose the clean smoke process, you will gain from a closed system. Because of this you will reduce your CO2 emissions with 80 percent. Tar and ash will no longer be released which also reduces the use of cleaning products and water up to 70 percent.

The advantages of clean smoke

Are you considering our clean smoke solution? We love hearing that but of course we will try to fully convince you with firm arguments. The advantages of working with clean smoke compared to traditional smokers are grand.


If you choose for clean smoke, sometimes called liquid smoke, the purchase and maintenance will be cheaper than with traditional smoke generators. The installation is 40 percent cheaper and also the operating costs are lower.

More sustainable

Easy-Smoke would like to sum up the most important differences between clean smoke and traditional smoke generators. If you are using clean smoke, you will not need a ventilation system. The product does not contain tar or ash which lowers your cleaning costs. Using wood chips is in the past, meaning that using clean smoke you will burn mould during the production process. Another great difference using clean smoke is the reduction of CO2 emissions with 80 percent and the reduce of energy, water and cleaning products with up to 70 percent.

More flavour possibilities

As you will not be using wood, you will work with pure flavours made of different wood products. The variety of flavours is also bigger than with traditional smoke generators which results in a wider product range of smoked products.

Our experts

are happy to advise you on the possibilities of new smoking

At Easy-Smoke we do everything we can to provide you with high-quality machines at a good price that do what we promise. Clean smoke machines are durable and designed to prevent high maintenance costs. If you choose an Easy-Smoke machine, you embrace a world of clean smoke options View all our experts >>

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